What is the Right Age for LASIK?

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right age for LASIK - Mobile LASIK surgeonWhile there’s no true set age for LASIK, most doctors will not perform the operation on anyone under 18, as their bodies and their eyes are still developing. While LASIK is a fairly non-invasive procedure, it is recommended that patients are not too young, and the most common age is between 20 and 40.

If you're considering LASIK but aren't sure if now is the right time, you may want to speak with Dr. Chris Walton in person. During your free LASIK consultation, Dr. Walton will answer all of your questions carefully and honestly to help you decide whether to move forward with the procedure.

If you choose to undergo LASIK with Dr. Walton, you will benefit from the most advanced technology available, including the Allegretto Wave laser. This technology not only ensures that almost everyone is a good LASIK candidate, but it also essentially guarantees you excellent results. To date, 100% of Dr. Walton's patients have achieved 20/20 vision or better using the Allegretto Wave laser.

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