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July 31, 2019
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Dry eye syndrome means your eyes do not produce enough tear film. It is this natural film that keeps your eyes lubricated and comfortable, and contributes to clear vision. In Mobile, Alabama, Dr. Chris Walton offers a wide range of ophthalmological services, including dry eye treatment.

Dr. Walton focuses his practice on providing LASIK surgery. Although temporary dry eye is a possible risk of LASIK, Dr. Walton knows how to evaluate your candidacy and your individual risk of dry eye. Read below to get more information about this condition and what you can do.

1. There are many possible causes of dry eye.

Some of the most common reasons for eye dryness include:

  • Wearing contact lenses

  • Allergies

  • Advanced dry eye disease

  • LASIK surgery temporary side effects

  • Certain medications

  • Certain underlying diseases...
June 28, 2019
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The cornea is the transparent tissue that covers your eye. Sometimes, corneas are damaged by disease, injury, infection or other problems. In such cases, a corneal transplant may be necessary to restore clear vision and stop the problem. Dr. Christopher Walton is an experienced ophthalmologist in Mobile, Alabama. He will help you decide if this procedure is the right fit for your ocular health. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, please call our practice at 251-341-3385.

Infographic showing the benefits of corneal transplant surgery

June 19, 2019
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Man looking into the camera and smiling with clear eyes after LASIK surgeryThe patients at Dr. Chris Walton's eye surgery practice achieve good results because Dr. Walton first makes sure they are great candidates for their intended procedures. That's really the only way to know if LASIK is right for you – visiting an experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Walton for a consultation. He'll assess your eyes and vision, and let you know if LASIK can reduce or eliminate your dependence on corrective lenses.

Your eyes should be free from any infection or disease.

Ocular health is one aspect of evaluating your candidacy. Problematic conditions include:

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Eye injury or trauma

  • Ocular infection

  • Severe and persistent dry eyes

Overall, your eyes need to be healthy so that the surgery can be performed correctly and so the eyes will heal successfully...

June 12, 2019
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Grandfather laughing with granddaughter outside after restoring vision with cataract surgeryJune is National Cataract Awareness Month. Millions of Americans are living with cataracts, more than 24 million, in fact. While there is not always something you can do to prevent cataracts, you can take steps to lower your risk (don't smoke, wear UVA/UVB sunglasses, and eat healthy). Cataract surgery effectively restores clear vision, when a cataract does develop.

1. Artificial Lenses are Permanent

Life with a cataract is like looking through a blurry lens. You can't see your loved ones as well as before, and it becomes difficult (and dangerous) to drive. You may not be able to read or see what you're doing. Life with cataracts is hazardous because it can increase your risk of slipping, tripping and falling.

Fortunately, cataract surgery is an effective, safe way to remove the clouded lens and replace it...

May 31, 2019
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Imagine all your favorite summertime activities in Alabama without glasses or contact lenses. Although corrective lenses are very effective at letting you see, they can also be inconvenient. It's less easy to take a dive into the pool or hit the volleyball court unexpectedly, when you have these lenses to worry about. After LASIK surgery, you'll likely be able to ditch your glasses altogether (it's possible you may need them for night driving, reading or other activities, but most people don't).

The only way to know if you are a good candidate is to arrange a one-on-one consultation with experienced ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Walton. To schedule a visit at our practice, please call our team at 251-341-3385.

May 21, 2019
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Sunglasses for eye protection while enjoying the ocean and the beachYou cannot totally eliminate the risk of cataracts, because the biggest risk factor is age. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness globally. That being said, there are steps you can take to prevent the onset of cataracts and possibly to slow their progression.

Because of more time in the sun this time of year, spring and summer are good opportunities to remind yourself of the cataract prevention tips below. But please note that these measures should be practiced year-round. Healthy choices made daily will prevent vision problems like cataracts and improve your overall health.

Avoid Direct Eye Exposure to UV Light

Exposure to ultraviolet light is known to be a contributing factor to the onset of cataracts. You can delay their onset by protecting your eyes from the sun and from tanning booths.

Sunglasses: Choose sunglasses that are labeled as offering...

April 30, 2019
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LASIK corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The procedure itself is completed in less than 15 minutes, and the recovery is rapid. The next day, you wake up with clear vision. We'll make sure you are prepared for all aspects of recovery and the LASIK process as a whole. To learn more, or to arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chris Walton in Mobile, Alabama, please call our team at 251-341-3385.

Infographic explaining the LASIK process

April 15, 2019
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Woman glancing upward playfully excited about LASIK resultsLASIK makes it possible to wake up each morning with clear, sharp vision without glasses or contact lenses. For many people, this freedom from corrective lenses is life changing. Imagine never having to bother with contact lenses again. The modern LASIK procedure is completed quickly and you'll be able to get back to normal activities the next day; however, there are certain activities to avoid as your eyes heal. Learn more about that in the sections below.

In the Hours Following LASIK

Here are a few items to look out for right after surgery:

  • Don't forget to take a nap. It really helps the healing process to go home and lie down with your eyes closed after the procedure at our office. You will wake up with noticeably improved vision.

  • Remember you don't need your contacts anymore. For some of our patients, it takes a...