LASIK Surgery Process Overview

LASIK surgery can provide you with life-changing benefits, helping you see clearly and eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses. Dr. Walton uses the Allegretto Wave laser, one of the most advanced lasers available for LASIK procedures. Using this laser, Dr. Walton has helped 100% of his patients achieve 20/20 vision or better.

However, before deciding whether LASIK is right for you, it is important to understand what is involved in your procedure. This page will provide you with a basic overview of the LASIK process, but we recommend speaking with Dr. Walton in person. Please call {tel} today to schedule a consultation at our office in Mobile, Alabama.

Your Consultation

The first step in the process is to visit our Mobile office for a free consultation. Your consultation, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, consists of a comprehensive examination that enables Dr. Walton to determine the precise correction necessary to restore 20/20 vision in each eye.

You will need to stop wearing contact lenses six days prior to your consultation to ensure proper results. If Dr. Walton determines that you are a good LASIK candidate, you will need to discontinue contact lens usage until the date of your surgery. In most instances, Dr. Walton can schedule your LASIK procedure within two weeks of your consultation, so you shouldn't need to wear glasses for very long.

Your LASIK Procedure

Dr. Walton will give you a prescription for one valium which should be taken one hour prior to your procedure. He will also apply topical anesthetic to numb each eye. Between the valium and topical anesthetic, you won't experience any pain as part of your procedure.

Your entire LASIK procedure will take about 12-13 minutes to complete (about 6 minutes per eye). During the procedure, Dr. Walton will create a small flap in your cornea in order to allow the Allegretto Wave laser to access your cornea. Using the laser, he will reshape your cornea so that light reflects properly on your retina. The flap is then replaced and will seal naturally during the recovery process.

Recovery After LASIK

Dr. Walton will give you detailed instructions for your LASIK recovery to ensure the best possible results. Fortunately, the recovery period is very minimal, and you should experience very little downtime.

It is important to arrange for someone to drive you home after your procedure due to the valium. Dr. Walton recommends that you rest for 3-4 hours after your procedure. However, you should be able to resume normal activities later that day.

You should start to see significant improvement in your vision right way, as well as additional improvements every hour. Most patients experience 20/20 vision or better by the next day.

Please contact Dr. Chris Walton today to schedule your free LASIK consultation. We serve patients in Mobile, Alabama, and the nearby Gulf Coast area.

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