Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are artificial lenses that are surgically implanted in your eye to replace your natural lens. While IOLs were initially used primarily to correct vision as part of cataract surgery, recent advances in this technology enable IOLs to now address a broader range of vision conditions.

Dr. Chris Walton uses IOLs to treat cataracts, presbyopia, and astigmatism. He offers a several premium IOL options in order to provide a more customized procedure that addresses your unique vision correction needs.

The best way to determine the right premium IOL option for you is to speak with Dr. Walton in person. Please call {tel} today to schedule a consultation at our office in Mobile, Alabama.

Reasons To Get Cataract Surgery

What are Premium IOLs?

Your eye's natural lens is constantly changing its focus depending on whether the object you are viewing is close or far away. This ability, called accommodation, is what allows you to see clearly at different distances.

Traditional IOLs were monofocal. In other words, they only helped you achieve clear vision at one distance. As a result, you would be able to see far away objects clearly, but you'd still need glasses for reading and other near-vision tasks.

The premium IOLs now available are much more advanced. Many of these options are multifocal, allowing you to see clearly at multiple distances and eliminating the need for reading glasses following your procedure.

Premium IOLs offer several important benefits compared with traditional monofocal IOLs:

  • Better range of vision
  • Better vision in a variety of lighting conditions
  • The ability to read quickly and easily

Premium IOL Options

Dr. Walton offers the following premium IOL options:

When you opt for one of these premium IOLs, you automatically have your cataract surgery procedure performed using LenSx technology. The LenSx laser is one of the most advanced lasers used for cataract surgery procedures, allowing Dr. Walton to improve precision, reduce your recovery time, and achieve a better outcome for your procedure.

Dr. Walton also offers a "distant dominant" option for cataract surgery procedures. This option combines LenSx technology with a monofocial IOL. After your procedure, you won't need prescription glasses for distance, but you will still need corrective lenses for reading. This is a great alternative for patients who have low astigmatism and prefer to avoid the increased cost of a premium IOL.

To learn more about our premium IOL options, please contact Dr. Chris Walton today to schedule your cataract surgery consultation. We serve patients in Mobile, Alabama, and the nearby Gulf Coast area.

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