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September 18, 2018

Dr. Chris Walton has over a decade of experience performing cataract surgery. At this point in his career, he has performed somewhere between 4,000-5,000 procedures. Cataract surgery restores vision blurred by the formation of cataracts, which are highly common among adults in the U.S. The deteriorated lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens. The success rate is very high while the complication rate is quite low.

To find out if you are a good candidate for cataract surgery, please contact Dr. Walton's office in Mobile, Alabama at 251-341-3385. Dr. Walton will make sure you know your options for restoring your vision.

August 28, 2018

Laser eye surgery is a safe, effective way to improve vision. One of the greatest attributes of the procedure nowadays is its adaptability to suit mosts patients' needs. Dr. Walton has helped thousands of patients enjoy a better life through LASIK.

Here's a look at a few key factors of LASIK candidacy. The best way to find out if the procedure is right for you, though, is to schedule a free evaluation with Dr. Walton.

Call 251-341-3385 to schedule your initial appointment. Dr. Walton serves patients in Alabama and nearby areas of the Gulf Coast at his office in Mobile.

Your Vision Is Stable

closeup of woman with eyes wide openMore and more patients are becoming LASIK candidates with the advent of new and improved technology. Today, LASIK can address higher degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. Walton has adopted the advanced Allegretto Wave...

August 20, 2018

In Mobile, Dr. Chris Walton uses the Allegretto Wave laser to perform LASIK surgery. This laser can improve the precision of the procedure and the predictability of the results. To this day, Dr. Walton has a 100 percent success rate achieving 20/20 vision for his nearsighted LASIK patients.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Walton and the LASIK procedure, please call our practice at 251-581-7484. We look forward to discussing your options and arranging a consultation for you in Mobile, Alabama.

July 30, 2018

Clear vision can be achieved without lenses. LASIK vision surgery corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. For people who are good candidates, LASIK provides a good chance of producing 20/20 vision. In fact, 100 percent of Dr. Walton's patients who have undergone Allegretto Wave LASIK have achieved 20/20 vision or better.

LASIK can provide many lifestyle benefits. Imagine waking up in the morning with clear vision, no reaching for your glasses or placing your contact lenses in order to see. So many activities and adventures can be more enjoyable with lens-free sight.

To find out if you are a LASIK candidate in Mobile, Alabama, please call our staff at 251-341-3385. We look forward to answering your questions and arranging a consultation for you at our office.


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July 26, 2018

Senior couple walking along Gulf Coast beach after LASIK surgeryThe short answer is yes, most likely you could get LASIK in the months following your cataract surgery. The catch is, you may not need LASIK after cataract surgery, because the latter often corrects any refractive errors you have anyway. Some people find they still have some vision issues in the months following, and in those situations, Mobile ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Walton can determine if you are a LASIK candidate.

Our staff and eye doctor are always available to provide information and answers. If you have any questions about anything, or if you want to schedule a consultation to discuss your eye health with Dr. Walton, please call our team at 251-341-3385.

Intraocular Lenses can Correct Refractive Errors


July 24, 2018

Monovision is a type of LASIK surgery that works really well for some people. It corrects distance vision in the dominant eye and corrects reading vision in the non-dominant eye. So what's the benefit? For people who are good candidates, monovision LASIK means you will not have to wear reading glasses. For other LASIK techniques, many patients still benefit from readers once their LASIK results are present.

Dr. Chris Walton has extensive experience with laser vision correction. After examining your eyes and discussing your goals with you, Dr. Walton can tell you about which options will be a good fit for your vision. He is passionate about achieving great results for his patients, and he wants you to enjoy 20/20 vision after LASIK.

To learn more, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Walton in Mobile, please call our LASIK practice at 251-341-3385.

June 26, 2018

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision loss nationwide. About 95 percent of cataracts are simply a result of aging, and the risk begins increasing after age 40. June is Cataract Awareness Month, and we'd like to remind our community that early detection and treatment are important ways to combat the visual loss of cataracts. A complete dilated eye exam allows your eye doctor to see if cataracts or other eye problems are developing.

Cataract surgery is an effective, safe way to remove cataracts and replace them with a premium intraocular lens. Dr. Chris Walton is an experienced, skilled cataract surgeon serving the Gulf Coast area. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Walton in Mobile, or if you have any questions about cataracts, your vision or your eye health, please call us at 251-581-7484.

Cataract statistics in the US infographic

June 05, 2018

Pregnant Alabama woman reading a book with glasses on a couchIf you've been considering LASIK and have found out you are pregnant, you should wait until after childbirth and breastfeeding before getting LASIK. While the procedure itself does not require heavy sedation and probably would not affect a developing fetus, we do not perform LASIK for pregnant women because of pregnancy-related vision changes and the medications involved. Please read more below, and if you have any questions at all, call the practice of experienced Mobile, AL, ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Walton, at 251-341-3385.

Why LASIK is Not Recommended during Pregnancy

LASIK is not recommended while you are pregnant and until after you have stopped breastfeeding, if you are breastfeeding. Here are the reasons:

  • Pregnancy may affect the stability of your vision prescription. Good candidates for LASIK must have a glasses or contacts prescription that has...