May is Healthy Vision Month

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Healthy Vision MonthWhen we feel sick, we turn to our doctors to help us stay healthy. But sometimes, we can forget about our eyes. Their health is just as important—when your eyes are healthy, you are healthy. So to celebrate Healthy Vision Month, held each May, our experienced Mobile, Alabama eye surgeon has put together a list of suggestions for you to keep your eyes and vision on top of their game, and on top of your priority list.

Healthy Habits

Dr. Walton, as well as the National Eye Institute, encourages patients to use healthy habits on a daily basis. Not only will this promote better overall health, but can also decrease the risk of future eye disease. These healthy habits may include:

  • Getting a comprehensive eye exam
  • Living a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced, healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise
  • Avoiding excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Using protective eyewear
  • Wearing sunglasses

Knowing your family history can be very helpful when sitting down with our eye surgeon. This, and following the simple habits mentioned above, will make it easier to detect, treat and correct potential issues.

Help us celebrate Healthy Vision Month by following these suggestions—you’ll help ensure the health of your eyes and the future of your clear vision. If you would like to make an appointment, or would like to talk with Dr. Walton about our corrective vision procedures, give us a call at 251-341-3385. We proudly serve patients in the Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding Gulf Coast area including Pensacola, Florida.