What are the Potential Complications after LASIK?

LASIK Complications - Mobile LASIK Surgeon LASIK surgery has been used for over twenty years to correct eyesight in people with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. Surgeons report that rates of serious complications can be held to under 1 percent of all cases. With that in mind, however, LASIK is still a surgical procedure and there are potential complications that could arise for which you should be aware.

The first thing you should do to minimize the risk of complications is to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. The second thing you should do is choose an experienced LASIK surgeon like Dr. Chris Walton who can recommend the right treatment plan to deliver the best possible results.

Here are some complications that could happen as a result of LASIK surgery:

  • Discomfort and vision disturbance: Discomfort and mild irritation is to be expected for the first few days. You might experience halos and glare symptoms that should disappear within three to six months.
  • Flap complications: LASIK involves reshaping the eye under a surgically-made flap of the cornea. Sometimes if the flap is not made correctly, it may not go back into place properly and cause distorted vision.
  • Dry eyes: The most common side effect, dry eyes, usually go away within six months as your eyes fully heal. Those with dry eyes before LASIK may need pretreatment in order to be considered LASIK candidates.
  • Undercorrection, overcorrection, or regression of vision: Having a good, qualified surgeon will help eliminate the possibility of your vision not being perfect after surgery, but it’s possible your eyes may not predictably respond to the procedure.
  • Eye Infection: Infections rarely occur, but they are a potential complication of all surgical procedures.

Fortunately, these complications are usually easily remedied, either with eye drops until healing finishes or with re-treatment with the laser. Dr. Walton uses the Allegretto Wave laser, the most advanced excimer laser used in LASIK procedures. This significantly reduces the risk of complications and improves your results. Dr. Walton has achieved 20/20 vision or better with 100% of his patients using the Allegretto Wave laser.

Please contact Dr. Chris Walton using the form on this page or call 251-341-3385 today to schedule a free LASIK consultation. We serve patients in Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida and throughout the Gulf Coast region.

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