Why Should I Choose a Premium IOL with Cataract Surgery?

premium IOLs - Mobile cataract surgeon One of the remarkable abilities of the human eye is the ability to change focus. We can see things that are close at hand as well as things that are on the horizon by changing our focus. When choosing an intraocular lens (IOL) for your cataract surgery, this is an important consideration.

The primary difference between traditional IOLs and premium IOLs is the ability to focus on more than one distance:

  • Traditional IOLs: Traditional IOLs are monofocal, meaning they have a single fixed distance upon which they are set to focus. While they restore vision obscured by cataracts, glasses are still needed for reading or other near-vision activities.
  • Premium IOLs: Premium IOLs offer several advantages over traditional IOLs, including multifocal vision, better vision in a variety of lighting situations, and often the elimination of the need for reading glasses.

Dr. Chris Walton offers two premium IOLs in his Mobile ophthalmology office—ReSTOR, and Toric IOLs. During your initial cataract surgery consultation, he’ll explain the difference in these options and recommend the right one for your unique needs.

To learn more about our premium IOL options, please contact Dr. Chris Walton using the form at the right side of the page or call 251-341-3385 today to schedule your cataract surgery consultation. We serve patients in Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida, and the surrounding Gulf Coast area.

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