ReSTOR Premium Intraocular Lens (IOL)

ReSTOR Multifocal IOL

If your vision has become dim and blurry due to cataracts, you will eventually need to undergo cataract surgery. This procedure is performed in order to replace your eye's clouded natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) that enables you to see clearly again.

Until recently, most IOLs only allowed you to focus clearly at one distance. Typically, this meant you would have sharp distance vision but need reading glasses to see objects that are close up. Today, there are a variety of premium IOL options which allow you to focus clearly at a variety of distances, eliminating your need for glasses after cataract surgery. One of these premium IOL options is the ReSTOR lens.

Dr. Chris Walton offers several premium IOL options, including the ReSTOR lens. The best way to determine which of these options is right for you is to speak with Dr. Walton in person. Please call 251-341-3385 today to schedule a free consultation at our office in Mobile, Alabama.

How ReSTOR Works

Your eye's natural lens has the ability to change its shape in order to change the focal point of light as it enters the eye. This ability to change the point where light is focused on the retina is what allows you to see clearly at different distances.

The ReSTOR lens can't change its shape like your eye's natural lens. Instead, it has several different focus zones that simultaneously focus light onto the retina from various distances. Your brain identifies the clear image provided by the appropriate focus zone for that particular distance.

Benefits of ReSTOR

Clinical studies have found that 80% of patients who receive the ReSTOR lens as part of their cataract surgery procedure no longer need corrective eyewear. In comparison, only 8% of patients who receive traditional monofocal IOLs achieve freedom from glasses after their procedure.

Dr. Walton uses the LenSx laser with all cataract surgery patients who choose a premium IOL option such as ReSTOR. The LenSx laser is one of the most advanced lasers used with cataract surgery, improving the precision of your results. As a result, the likelihood that you will not need glasses after your procedure is even higher than the 80% national average commonly associated with the ReSTOR lens.

By choosing the ReSTOR lens, you will enjoy the benefits of being able to drive, watch TV, read, and do your favorite crafts without the need for glasses.

To find out if ReSTOR is the right option for you, please contact Dr. Chris Walton today to schedule your free cataract surgery consultation. We serve patients in Mobile, Alabama, and the nearby Gulf Coast area.

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