Reviews for Eye Doctor Christopher J. Walton

Eye Doctor Serving Mobile, Alabama and the nearby Gulf Coast Area

"For the doctor, there is a lot riding on LASIK because the expectations are so high. They're paying for an elective surgery, and they don't want to settle for improved eyesight -- they want perfect eyesight, 20-20 or better vision, and we get that virtually 100 percent of the time." 

"I do a full diagnostic work-up to make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK, and now, virtually everyone is." 

"If you are a candidate, we can schedule surgery within two weeks."

"There is no pain to speak of and minimal discomfort following surgery."   

"LASIK surgery is 3 to 4 times faster than it was  even five years ago, which translates to a faster recovery. Essentially, there is no recovery period. You will see incredible improvement of vision right off the table, and notice hourly improvement, and 20-20 vision or better by the next day." 

"You will have great distance vision for your entire life. The enhancement rate -- the need for a second surgery later in life -- is less than 1 percent now due to the improvements in LASIK technology." 

"To have perfect vision when you are young, to not have it when you get older, and then to get it back, was priceless."

-- C. Fowler