May is Healthy Vision Month – How to Prevent Cataracts

May is nationally recognized as Healthy Vision Month. At Dr. Christopher Walton’s ophthalmology practice, we are passionate about helping our guests achieve and maintain outstanding eye health and vision. As the Baby Boomer generation grows older, we continue to see many guests who are experiencing the first signs of cataracts. Dr. Walton provides advanced cataract treatments to restore clear, sharp vision.

Cataracts are primarily a result of aging. In 2010, the National Eye Institute said more than 68 percent of Americans age 80 and older had cataracts. Half of Americans over age 65 have them (webmd). As you age, the lens of your eye hardens and thickens. The proteins in the lens clump together, which is what forms the cloudy cataract.

But are there things you can do earlier in life to prevent cataracts? Research indicates there may be. Certain things can contribute to a higher likelihood of developing cataracts. Here are several ways you may be able to prevent them:

  • Mitigate UV exposure. Research has shown that exposure to the sun’s rays contribute to the formation of cataracts. When you are outside for any extended amount of time, take steps to protect your eyes by wearing UVA/UVB-blocking sunglasses and a hat with a brim.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking is associated with an increased risk of cataracts.
  • If you drink, drink in moderation. Excessive alcohol use has been linked to cataracts.
  • Eat healthy. Some research has shown that a healthy diet – one that includes daily fresh fruit and vegetables – supports good eye health, and prevents cataracts and other eye diseases.

Early detection of cataracts is important. Remember to schedule regular eye exams so that Dr. Walton can identify the early signs of eye diseases and treat them accordingly.

If you are searching for an experienced cataract surgeon in Alabama, please call our staff in Mobile at 251-341-3385. Dr. Chris Walton provides the latest techniques and technologies to restore your vision.

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