The Basics of LASIK

LASIK vision results in Alabama LASIK eye surgery has provided millions of Americans with clearer, sharper vision, and with the chance to live free from the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. Please familiarize yourself with the LASIK basics listed below.

What it is: A laser vision correction surgery. LASIK is a type of “refractive surgery,” which means it changes the shape of the cornea in order to improve vision.

What it does: LASIK employs a laser to re-shape the cornea. The goal of the re-shaping is to change the way light rays are bent (refracted) when they are focused on your retina. The improved precision of light refraction makes your vision clearer.

What happens during the procedure: Although there are variations, the most common method involves Dr. Walton creating a hinged, thin corneal flap. The flap allows access to the cornea below. Once it is re-shaped, the hinged flap is placed back over the surface, where it naturally heals in the days ahead.

The procedure itself may sound intimidating – most patients express some degree of nervousness about it. Rest assured that LASIK has a low, low complication rate, and Dr. Walton has performed numerous procedures over the years. The procedure itself is not painful, and Dr. Walton will ensure your comfort every step of the way. It also takes only about 6 minutes per eye to complete.

What happens afterward: Once LASIK is complete, you’ll spend some time resting and recovering at our office. Once we’ve cleared it, you will have your prearranged driver take you home. It’s normal for your eyes to feel gritty, watery and/or itchy for a day or so. Your vision will probably be blurry. It will be markedly improved by the next day.

How much it costs: Our practice has a flat rate for LASIK surgery – fees, taxes, consultations and other expenses are included. Please call our office to learn more. We also work with financing companies, through which you can apply to make monthly payments on the cost of LASIK.

Your candidacy: Only an experienced eye surgeon can determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Not everyone is a good candidate. Certain types of vision disorders and certain prescriptions may mean it’s not the right fit. Schedule a consult today to find out.

To arrange your consultation with Dr. Walton in Mobile, Alabama, please call our experienced staff at 251-341-3385. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your vision correction options.

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