What to Expect during Cataract Surgery Recovery

catarac surgery recovery - Mobile, Alabama As long as you’re healthy, cataract surgery recovery is typically very fast. If you have other eye ailments, the process can take a little longer. Chances are that your vision will improve after the surgery. In fact, most patients have good enough vision following cataract surgery to pass their state DMV’s vision standards.   

You will need a ride to your surgery, because you won’t be able to drive home afterwards. The surgery typically takes about 10 minutes, but afterwards you’ll have to rest for about a half hour while waiting for the groggy feeling to wear off.

Following your surgery, protective sunglasses will be provided to wear home. These help prevent damage to your eyes from exposure to bright lights and glares.

A protective shield will be placed over your eye, and if you’re feeling up to it you can remove it, but you should tape it over your eye while sleeping for at least a week.

Dr. Walton will give you specific instructions to ensure a speedy and complete recovery. Be sure to follow them.

Many patients are surprised how well they feel following cataract surgery. Even though you may feel great, it’s important that you don’t operate heavy machinery or strain yourself immediately following your procedure. You should also refrain from sneezing, bending over, walking into anything, rubbing your eye, and exposing your eye to any irritants.

When both eyes require surgery, the first eye is given time to heal before operating on the second. The healing process can take up to two weeks.

While you’re recovering, it is natural to encounter these issues:

  • Red or bloodshot eyes due to damage to blood vessels in the eye.
  • Wavy or blurry vision for the first hour after removing the eye shield.
  • Bruising from the local anesthesia. This often looks similar to a black eye.
  • Dry or itchiness in the eye.

Although vision is usually restored within a few hours, some patients heal slower than others. You will have a follow up appointment, usually the day after your procedure, where you can address any healing issues you may have encountered.

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