Woman smiling and holding her sunglasses with clear vision after LASIK Tens of millions of LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide. This popular laser vision procedure creates clear vision for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. That being said, it’s normal to feel nervous about any surgical procedure, including LASIK. We’ll make sure you are informed of all the possible risks ahead of time. The procedure itself is really safe and effective, and we make sure you have the best chance of outstanding results by making sure you are a good candidate first and foremost. Below, we take a closer look at some of the most common concerns, and we hope you’ll contact us with any questions on your mind.

Number 1 Concern from Patients: “Will it Hurt?”

The vast majority of patients report no pain during LASIK. Numbing eye drops are administered as part of the procedure. You will likely feel pressure, but it should last only a couple minutes at a time. Your eyelids are gently held open with a speculum during LASIK, and this may feel different to you, although it shouldn’t be painful.

Blindness is NOT a Risk of LASIK Surgery

When performed by an experienced, qualified LASIK surgeon like Dr. Walton, this procedure won’t cause blindness. There is the possibility of certain side effects, and some of them include visual aberrations like halos around lights. Side effects are often temporary. Lasting issues can most often be treated.

No Blades, No Needles

Most LASIK procedures are completely bladeless. The exception would be a blade-based procedure recommended because of certain characteristics of your corneas, but those procedures are not typically necessary. Even if a blade were required, it would not cause pain, just as the laser does not cause pain. Needles are never required for LASIK.

Moving Your Eye Accidentally Will Not Ruin Your Procedure

Dr. Walton will ask you to look at a small light while the procedure is completed. The light is not the laser involved in surgery, but is instead a focal point to keep your gaze fixed. If your eye should move, the high-speed tracking technology built into these laser devices will follow your movement. They pause if your eye moves far out of the treatment zone. So there is no reason to worry about your eye moving during surgery, although we will instruct you to stay focused on the light so the procedure can be completed promptly.

Treatment is Relatively Fast

It takes only a few minutes per eye to complete. Most people are surprised how quickly it goes. Your recovery will also be rapid. Most people go home, take a nap and feel refreshed upon waking. Your vision will look clear and crisp, and will continue to improve for about 24 hours.

Clear, Honest Answers to Your LASIK Questions

Dr. Chris Walton is happy to answer any questions you have about LASIK, eye health, eye surgery, your vision or ophthalmology. To contact us, please call 251-341-3385. We proudly serve the surrounding Gulf Coast communities from our practice in Mobile, Alabama.

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