When Can I Use a Computer After LASIK?

Using a computer after LASIK surgery in Mobile AL Computers have become an essential part of our lives. It’s the rare person who doesn’t use a computer at some point during their day – most likely at their jobs, but almost certainly during their personal lives.

Considering this, it’s not a surprise that those considering LASIK have a lot of questions about how the procedure will affect their ability to use a computer. The specific question many prospective patients ask is, “How long will I have to wait before using a computer after LASIK?”

It’s important to fully invest in your recovery from LASIK.You shouldn’t rush yourself – take your time and allow your eyes to fully recover.

Resting Your Eyes After LASIK

Generally speaking, you should refrain from looking at a screen – computer, phone, TV – for about 24 hours after undergoing LASIK. After that, you can begin to gradually ramp up your screen exposure. It’s usually safe to use your computer in a normal fashion a few days after LASIK.

Of course, it’s important to understand that LASIK will pose some challenges to your eyes for a few weeks afterward. Specifically, your eyes will be more vulnerable to losing moisture and drying out after LASIK. This is particularly true when looking at your computer, as we tend to blink much less often while staring at a computer.

So once you start using your computer after undergoing LASIK, make sure you take precautions. These include:

  • Using the artificial tears we will provide or recommend to you after your procedure
  • Remember to blink – it sounds simple, but as we’ve already mentioned, it’s really not. Make a conscious effort to blink frequently while using your computer
  • Take breaks. The rule of thumb is 20/20/20 – after 20 minutes of computer use, take a 20-second break and look at something at least 20 feet away

And, of course, make sure to get enough sleep. Go to bed early and give your eyes a chance to rest. And try not to use your computer or smartphone in bed or right before you go to sleep.

Of course, every patient is unique, and everyone recovers at a slightly different rate. Don’t push yourself. If you feel your eyes growing dry and fatigued, step away from the computer. Take a long break. Go home early from work and take a nap. Give your eyes time to recover.

And if things don’t feel exactly right, if you’re still struggling a bit after LASIK, don’t hesitate to call us. We don’t abandon you after your procedure – Dr. Walton and his staff are here for you in the days, weeks and months after LASIK.

If you live in or around Mobile, Alabama and you have questions about LASIK and how it will affect your life, please call Dr. Christopher Walton, M.D today at 251-341-3385. We’re happy to arrange a consultation and examination, or simply answer your questions and concerns.

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